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Keeping it Sensational
Greetings!      I   am   delighted   to   welcome   you   to   the   official   website   of   the   New   Bern   Alumnae   Chapter   of Delta   Sigma   Theta   Sorority,   Inc.      It   is   the   chapter’s   goal   to   ensure   that,   through   this   venue,   our   valued stakeholders   will   be   informed   and   enlightened   regarding   the   various   activities   in   which   the   New   Bern Alumnae Chapter is involved. Delta   Sigma Theta   Sorority,   Inc.   is   a   national   public   service   organization;   one   of   the   major   objectives   is   to give   back   to   the   local   and   international   communities   through   many   public   service   activities.      In   addition   to Jabberwock   scholarships,   each   year,   through   the   Delta   Scholarship   Program,   one   senior   from   each   of   the six   area   high   schools   receives   a   $1,000   scholarship   to   help   further   his   or   her   undergraduate   education.     Also,   for   more   than   35   years,   New   Bern   Alumnae   Chapter   has   hosted   our   annual,   signature   Student Achievement   Day   Program,   where   area   middle   and   high   school   students   are   celebrated   for   excellence   in academics. New   Bern   Alumnae   Chapter   is   comprised   of   sorors   from   Craven,   Carteret,   Jones,   and   Pamlico   counties; therefore,   many   of   the   activities   we   conduct   are   focused   on   the   residents   of   this   service   area.     Additionally, in   collaboration   with   several   other   fraternal   and   civic   organizations,   we   sponsor   an   international   service project   called   Stop   Hunger   Now   to   assist   in   the   packaging   and   distribution   of   food   for   needy   people   in developing nations around the world. Please   feel   free   to   visit   our   website   often   to   learn   about   us,   to   be   informed   about   our   current   projects,   to learn how you can be involved, and to discover how we may be able to assist you. Thank you, and enjoy! Linda Taylor Sifontes President
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